Annie Jones' Story

Baby Stories

Annie Jones was born at Brewster Methodist Hospital in the summer of 1956, around Independence Day.

“My mom always said she wanted ribs before and after I was born because of the holiday,” Jones said. “Dr. Carson delivered me. She was a very well-known doctor and the wife of the sheriff, Dale Carson.”

Jones also has three children. Two of them were born at what was then called University Hospital.

Jones started work in registration at Methodist Medical Center in 1991. She fondly remembers employee Christmas parties on the 10th floor of the Towers, where everyone was treated to a gift from the store on the first floor.

“We all loved working at Methodist!” Jones said.

Today, Jones works as a financial representative in the Admissions department. She loves her work and all the people — both co-workers and patients — she’s in contact with at her job.

“Isn’t it amazing that I was born here, and I’ve spent so much of my life working here?” Jones said fondly. “When I think about that, I’m really surprised.”